Ted Baker: This season’s Digital Innovators

Posted on Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

With social media becoming increasingly prevalent, it’s no surprise that a big company like Ted Baker is using it to back their latest SS17 campaign. Using Instagram stories and 360 video, Ted Baker delves into the world of shoppable film.


Instagram stories

As of August 2016, when Instagram stories launched, there were 600 million users using Instagram. Though Ted Baker boasts 465,000 followers, their outreach to users is even greater by using stories. Anyone can view a story, even if they don’t follow an account, with it often coming up in their explore page. Ted Baker has refreshed its brand creative by increasing interest on social media, teasing fans with sneak peeks and first looks of the latest collections. As a way to generate interest and loyalty to their stories, Ted Baker have decided on an episodic format, releasing daily content to add to the storyline.


Interactive store windows

Though digital technology in physical spaces isn’t exactly a new concept, the brand’s uniqueness stands in the digital interaction with their shop window. Passer-by’s can place their hand on a screen which creates a GIF. Their creative approach is more entertainment focused than functional, but encourages outsiders to have a browse.



360 video

The brand has incorporated 360 technology to enable shoppers to fully immerse themselves in the products and shopping experience. Paired with the use of Google Cardboard’s VR, the engagement on these sorts of videos are much higher than previous videos released by Ted Baker, proving their innovation has really paid off.

With other brands relying on traditional marketing, Ted Baker stands out from the rest with their pioneering use of digital marketing – something necessary in this digital age.