Online Shopping: The Global Trend Report

Posted on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

Ever wondered how we spend our money around the world? With online shopping becoming ever more prevalent, it’s also becoming easier to monitor what we spend our money on. Interestingly, when it comes to comparing the amount of online shopping the East does in comparison to the West, it is far less at 40% total monthly spending.


Recent statistics show that the percentage of people purchasing from online stores around the world differs, mainly due to internet accessibility and personal preference.

  • 83% of North Americans would rather make purchases online
  • In comparison, just under half of Africa (46%) have never shopped online
  • The strongest e-commerce market is Asia, with a huge 87% shopping online


Globally, the spread of products that people tend to buy online is can range from any physical to simply experiences. Currently, the top five online purchases are of:

  1. Books – 44%
  2. Clothing – 36%
  3. Aeroplane Tickets – 32%
  4. Electronic Equipment – 27%
  5. Hotel Bookings – 26%

With all these stats in mind, how about reviews? Companies with a larger number of good reviews have an increased credibility, meaning both new and old customers are more likely to purchase from them. Although, depending on your online shop’s location, you may have a tougher audience to please…

Research shows that the most critical audience is from the Asia Pacific region, The Middle East laying somewhere in between, and the least critical being Europe.