Five Surprising Mobile Statistics

Posted on Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

If you’re not taking advantage of the massive mobile audience out there, then we only have one question for you, why not? Google’s Algorithm Update dubbed ‘Mobilegeddon’ back in April 2015, has highlighted the importance of great mobile user experience. If your website isn’t mobile optimised you could be losing a lot of traffic!

We think after reading this post, you’ll look at mobile marketing in a whole different light!

1. 25% of smartphone owners, aged 18-44 can’t remember the last time their phone wasn’t next to them. (Fast Company)

2. Mobile ads perform 4-5 times better than online ads. (Hubspot)

3. More than 2 billion mobile users will make a mobile commerce transaction by the end of 2017. (Juniper Research)

4. 24% of the UK smartphone audience recall seeing an ad on their device. (Econsultancy)

5. There are 6.8 billion people on the planet, 4 billion of them own a mobile phone and only 3.5 billion use a toothbrush! (Hubspot)

You wouldn’t think number five was true! It’s astonishing, really! These stats highlight how important it is to ensure your site is optimised for the mobile user and that your digital marketing tactics don’t completely ignore the ever-growing mobile audience. If you’re not careful your business could end up getting lost among the competition!