Push Beyond design and build Facebook Marketing platform for Ropto

Posted on Monday, March 30th, 2015


Push Beyond have completed the design, build and launch of a real time Facebook Marketing Platform for social media marketing pioneers, Ropto.

Ropto has heavily influenced the social lead generation industry. Their innovative approach and adaptable nature ensures they can deliver a high level of social media lead generation to a vast range of markets.
In order to remain at prime position in this volatile industry, Ropto approached us and asked us to develop a sleek and efficient internal platform, aggregating data from various sources to assist in the delivery of real-time social media leads for their clients coupled with first-class reporting functionalities.

The brand name for the service, RoptoRealTime® was also created by Push Beyond as part of the work commissioned by Ropto, a rapidly growing social media marketing agency.

Ropto approached Push Beyond, seeking to improve the operational efficiency of their Facebook marketing team. Their business relied heavily on various data sources and manually updating spreadsheets to manage and forecast spending on their client Facebook campaigns.  With £hundreds of thousands of spend of marketing activity in play in every moment, it became mission critical to optimise this activity.

Push Beyond architected a solution that would enable Ropto to realise their operating efficiencies by producing an easy to read graphical user interface which highlighted Facebook advert campaign performance based on effective cost parameters, and alerted campaign managers to any potential issues with click through, lead conversion and sales performance alerts configured.  The interface drew on data sources that plugged directly into Facebook’s API, various analytics tools, and replaced the logic built into their manual spread sheets.

In as little as 10 working weeks, Push Beyond had delivered a robust solution that the entire Ropto team were using to add positive effect to the management of their campaign ROI.

Push Beyond will continue to support the RoptoRealTime® Facebook marketing platform with ongoing product enhancements.