How do you evaluate a new business idea?

Posted on Monday, May 12th, 2014

When starting the process of evaluating a new business idea, project, or start-up venture, most companies start at the financial case and a hefty tomb of a written business plan.  This is quite an elongated way of approaching new ideas and is less collaborative than methods we employ at Push Beyond.

We are advocates of the Business Model Design & Generation toolkit, and have successfully used this to develop new business ideas and models, from initial idea to fully launched product, service or website.

Our approach means we help develop the vision of your new business idea, and understand what you are trying to achieve, we work with you to develop the model further, and validate including financial benefits.  Finally, once you are ready to proceed, we help build visual roadmaps to keep you focused on your original objective.

You can see an explainer video of the Business Idea process below, and see the Top 10 reasons for starting with Business Model Innovation here