Are You Cookie Compliant? Ensure Compliance For £75 And Avoid EU Penalties

Posted on Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Becoming Cookie Compliant.

On 26 May 2011, the law changed on how websites use cookies and similar technology to store information on users’ equipment such as computers and mobile devices. The dust has settled since the EU introduced it’s ePrivacy Directive in 2012 yet many business owners are yet to implement a solution and this carries a risk of penalty for non-compliance. The EU ePrivacy Directive imposes an obligation on website owners in the European Union to obtain informed consent from the user before storing other than strictly necessary cookies in the user’s web browser and therefore become Cookie Compliant.

It’s requirements broadly covered:

  • Provide clear and specific information on your cookies
  • Ask your users for consent before storing cookies
  • Give your users an option to opt-out of cookies
  • Provide an option to subsequently change a choice

There are many solutions available to become cookie compliant, but not all cover the necessary requirements to be truly compliant with the EU ePrivacy Directive.  Some of these solutions look compliant, but do not provide all elements required to obtain and manage consent.

How important is it to be Cookie Compliant?

Gaining Cookie Consent is as important as ever. In September 2012 the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office)  warned website owners to comply or face cookie law fines. In a blog post the ICO said: “It might be a law they wish didn’t exist, but the simple fact is that it is here to stay,” David Evans, the ICO’s group manager for business and industry said. “The EU passed the legislation, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) implemented it, and it’s now the ICO’s job to regulate the organisations that have to comply with the law.” – So the answer: all sites. This message is a move from educating website owners to enforcing the regulations, with the threat of metering out a fine of up to £500,000 to businesses which fail to comply. The ICO encouraging web users to report site that flout the cookie law by using the ICO’s “online cookie concern reporting tool.” So far about 400 warning notifications have been sent to site owners.

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