How To Combat Nasty Conversion Killers

Posted on Monday, May 15th, 2017

80% of abandoning visitors never return to a website. We’ve listed the 5 major reasons below on how you can ensure your visitors want to come back time and time again.

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You’re using social media wrong.

88% of people abandon a website if they are required to sign up for account. 77% are comfortable with social login options.

Your call to action buttons are boring.

The top converting call to action buttons are only two words long. Adding one word to ‘shop’ can boost rates by 324%.

Your website load times are too long.

A two second load time can decrease user satisfaction and consequently lose revenue by 4.3%.

You have a poor marketing strategy.

The most effective marketing you can do is over social media and emailing. 66% of companies report that they have a good ROI on email marketing.

You lack proof of the quality of your services

Over 70% of the public say they look at reviews before they purchase a product. If your site has good ratings and reviews, customers will begin to flow.