Real-time social media lead generation company, Ropto approached Push Beyond to help automate their operational processes to produce RoptoRealTime®.

Ropto has heavily influenced the social lead generation industry. Their innovative approach to  adaptable nature ensures they can deliver a high level of social media lead generation to a vast range of markets.
In order to remain at prime position in this volatile industry, Ropto approached us and asked us to develop a sleek and efficient internal platform, aggregating data from various sources to assist in the delivery of real-time social media leads for their clients coupled with first-class reporting functionalities.



It was important for us to understand Ropto’s current internal activities on a day-to-day basis. Appreciating the inner workings of their incumbent platform was a primary objective. This was necessary in order to brainstorm the proposed functionality for the new, more responsive platform. After observing, we immediately understood that a hyper-responsive system allowing Ropto to not only deliver real-time leads to their clients, but a system that allowed their team to view and monitor each client campaign through a series of campaign indicators, was essential. These indicators highlight the campaigns which are performing well, or underperforming based on input parameters, enabling the Ropto team to respond and boost or amend the campaigns quickly, maximising the client investment in lead acquisition.



After detailing what Ropto wanted out of their new platform and suggesting enhancement requirements for a Phase II, we set to work developing the code for the bespoke software and tested every element of the project continuously as it advanced. Using agile software development methods and working collaboratively with Ropto enabled us to rapidly deliver the working software and helped new ideas come to fruition as the application developed.

The project took four weeks to define and six weeks to deliver which, for a project of this size and at such a high level of intricacy, was highly efficient and well executed.



The results delivered have been beyond expectation for Ropto. We delivered a high spec platform that has increased operational efficiency and maximised investment in social media marketing spend for clients. Ropto’s unique approach and supporting RoptoRealTime® platform creates an exciting USP, strengthening their overall position in the competitive social lead generation space.

Ropto are delighted with the results of the project and have since hired us to carry out outsourced development to support their platform and future iterations of the RoptoRealTime® platform.

“I’ve been impressed with the Push Beyond Team. They were able to deliver the requirements from a series of ‘wants and needs’ conversations rather than the delivery of a highly detailed spec; (the bane of anyone who doesn’t work in Development!). This ability to translate our words into meaningful technology has meant that Ropto is delivering results quicker than expected.”

Neil Gee, Managing Director, Ropto