The 5 Major Flaws Every E-commerce Site Should Avoid

Posted on Thursday, May 4th, 2017

You may be wanting to start an e-commerce site, or already have one that isn’t performing like it should. But why? You’ve got all the latest add-ons and a really cool domain name. The truth may lie in some simple solutions, meaning you don’t have to overhaul your entire website.

1. Poor Font Choices
Your font should be size 12+ so mobile users can easily read it. 66% of smartphone users use their phone to shop! The font should also be clear and attractive to look at – no one likes comic-sans advocate.

2. Bad Graphic Design
A strong and attractive website design, ¬†with an easy user interface will increase your credibility, thus sales. An ugly website is the equivalent of your local takeaway with a Hygiene Rating of D: customers will just think ‘yuck’.

3. No Shipping Costs
Shoppers like to know how much their shipping cost will be BEFORE they place their order. Some retailers say they will calculate shipping after a customer has placed their order, which tends to put customers off.

4. Broken Links and Images
The last thing a customer wants to see is “Error 404 Not Found” when trying to view a product. A website audit is second nature to Push Beyond, leave it to us and we will find all those nasty errors.

5. Lack of Personality
No blog or social media is detrimental, even to an e-commerce site. People like to see the company engaging with their customers. Great interaction will build quickly brand loyalty.


Push Beyond have over 18 years of experience in e-commerce meaning you can trust us to get it right. We’re giving free website audits when you enquire about setting up an e-commerce site.

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