Why To Update Your Digital Priorities

Posted on Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Did you know that 41% of retail revenues in the UK were on mobile last Christmas? Smartphone shopping is drastically increasing, making it a key area of focus for marketers in the upcoming year.

Being mobile-friendly is only one of the priorities needed to improve customer experience across the board. The following charts highlight high priorities for retailers in 2017.

Digital First

Reaching digital maturity is growing in importance, with the chart below showing that 48% of retailers say that digital ‘permeates most of their marketing activities’.

Additionally, 16% of retailers say that digital permeates all their marketing activities. Indeed, this figure is relatively low, yet it pushes the message that there is a growing recognition for the necessary digital elements that complement offline campaigns like TV ads and direct mail.



Targeting and Personalisation

Prioritising factors like social media engagement, content marketing and personalisation are now the top priorities for retailers – with 33% claiming it as one of their current three key areas of focus.

Through personalisation, retailers can provide authentic and relevant experiences for customers, thus generates brand loyalty. Consequently, budgets are expanding to further invest in personalisation, with 57% of retailers now planning to do so.



Mobile users

Retail sales in the UK alone reached £133bn in 2016. Retailers now realise how important it is to harness mobile use to leverage their customer experience.
The chart below shows the importance of understanding the customers, specifically in terms of how mobile users research and buy products on their smartphone.


AR and VR

Retailers are trying to differentiate themselves in the face of competition, with 34% trying to make the experience as fun and valuable as possible – above and beyond other factors like customer service and the quality of products.
28% of retailers also agree that VR and AR is the most exciting prospect ahead of 2020, with many embracing technology as a way of achieving a unique customer experience. Technology is now being used to strengthen bonds with consumers.


Overall, technology trends are predicted to dominate the evolution of retail in the next five years, it remains to be seen how retailers will successfully integrate this.