How To Tweet Your Way To The Top

Posted on Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Along with Facebook, Twitter is an essential tool that every business needs to know how to optimise. However, navigating the Twittersphere can be difficult. The way in which you tweet and respond is vital in creating a community and building relationships with customers. The increase in engagement will lead to an increase  in traffic for your business. Below are small but effective steps you can take in order to boost your social media:



  • Don’t be afraid to follow people back
    Following people back expands your social network and demonstrates loyalty to your followers. It also allows you to direct message each other and build greater connections.


  • Tweet the same content
    Twitter is fast paced meaning most people can miss your first tweet. If you’re wanting to share something of importance or interest, it’s a good idea to tweet the information multiple times a day. This is especially true if your followers are located in different timezones all over the world.


  • Always give credit
    If you’re ever tweeting second hand knowledge, always acknowledge the person who shared it with you. The other person’s followers may see this tweet and start interacting with you too.


  • Be nifty
    Your content should be relevant and interesting. If you’re retweeting then comment on what it is you’re retweeting to add your own flair. If you’re pasting a link of an article then insert an interesting caption of what you’ve read. Make every tweet have a purpose!


  • Be consistent
    Tweeting regularly boosts follower loyalty, as it proves you are not only active on your social media but are also likely to engage with them. There is such a thing as too many tweets though! We recommend tweeting as many times a day as you like, just leave a 30 minute gap in between.


  • “Retweet please!”
    Don’t be afraid to ask for retweets at the end of a post. People who see this are more likely to retweet your post.


  • Engage with your followers
    Always ask and answer your follower’s questions. It’s a win-win for both you and the follower, as you gain valuable information whilst boosting follower loyalty.


  • Reward loyal followers
    Retweeting, messaging and thanking your most interactive followers doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank them and link their twitter handle to show you care!


  • Tweet brand new information
    Followers are more likely to retweet and engage with news that they have never heard before regarding specific topics. If you’re tweeting old news around a certain subject, the chances are your followers have already seen it and are no longer interested.


  • Finally, have some personality!
    Prove to your followers you’re not just a tweeting machine which spews useless information. Ask questions, insert your opinions, maybe have a bit of banter. It makes it easier for followers to relate and retweet.