Top 5 Common Mistakes Of Local SEO

Posted on Thursday, May 18th, 2017

These are the five most common mistakes that people make when it comes to Local SEO. If you recognise any of them, you may be hurting your business. 

The introduction of algorithm updates means that local aspect is very important when it comes to your position in search engine results. Through development of location services and increasing importance of local search, this aspect of online marketing is vital to help the search engines distinguish local businesses and prevent irrelevant results coming up.

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The Top 5 Mistakes You Might Be Making…

  1. Writing or paying for fake reviews: this will cause perpetual damage to your business in the long run
  2. Making your content unnatural or spam-like: There is such a thing as too many keywords, which will indicate as spam and lower your site ranking
  3. Missing relevant categories: Listing irrelevant categories on your website will decrease your ranking
  4. No Contact Information: Lack of or incorrect contact details will lower your rank and also your credibility
  5. Inconsistent NAP information: Name, Address and Phone inconsistencies will once again hinder your reputation and customer trust.

If you feel you’re making these mistakes and aren’t sure how to rectify them, get in contact HERE with Push Beyond and we can easily sort out your Local SEO, as well as rapidly boost your website to the top of Google with a few extra tactics.