The Top 10 Traits Of Every Amazing Consultant

Posted on Friday, May 12th, 2017

Being a consultant is both demanding and rewarding. There are often clients that are hard to work with, but all you can do is focus on providing the best possible service and ensure that you build a great reputation for yourself.

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Below are the top 10 traits that every consultant should own, even on your bad days:

  1. You are on the ball: you see the opportunities to take before your client sees them.
  2. You care: you’re fully invested in your client and their goals.
  3. You are a good listener: always looking to expand beyond your area of expertise.
  4. You have an execution strategy: a long term goal is executed through short term actions.
  5. You always see the potential for growth
  6. You hold yourself responsible for plans that may not necessarily work out
  7. You recognise your value: charge the appropriate amount for your services
  8. You genuinely want to stretch your client so they can achieve their full potential
  9. You are more focused on HOW you provide service, not just offering one.
  10. Your clients ultimately don’t want to stop working with you and build loyalty to your services.


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