How much does an E-commerce site really cost?

Posted on Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Well, it can depend on a lot of things…

    1. Your Business Needs
      You may want to equip your e-commerce site with every widget under the sun, however this isn’t always necessary. It’s true some are vital, however overcrowding your site with unnecessary add-ons will increase cost and may make your website difficult to navigate. Start with a clean, easy to use solution that can be used on all devices, and take feedback from your customers from there.
    2. The Design and Build
      Depending on the size and complexity of your business, pricing: 
      £1.5k – £5k: basic site for small agency or freelancer, most likely built on Shopify or WordPress.
      £5k – £20k: intermediate level site for small businesses and start ups.
      £20k – £30K: sophisticated site built for a larger company by an 5 – 30 person agency.
      £50k+: complex projects e.g. large Magento solutions.
    3. Licensing Fees
      For basic site builders like Shopify, a monthly subscription fee is required and can be between £20-£200/month.
      Wordpress/Woo Commerce can be downloaded and installed for free, however support costs will be needed to keep up to date.
      Magento has both an open and enterprise version, which is £17k/year and is once again self-hosted.
    4. Hosting Costs
      Hosted solutions incur a monthly cost. The safest way is to use managed solutions with a technical support team available 24/7. Managed servers have a varying cost of £300 – £2000 a month, depending on the size of your traffic. It is also essential to secure your website from attack with appropriate security tools.
    5. Development Time
      This depends on the skill level of the agency or developer you use. Simple functions can be up and running within weeks. However, more complex structures can take up to 12 months. You will need to take into consideration the complexity of your function to therefore determine the time it will take and thus the overall cost.

So, what do Push Beyond charge?
You’re probably tired of hearing ‘depending on…’ Our services are bespoke and are tailored exactly to your e-commerce needs. We’ve worked in e-commerce since 1999 which is why you can trust us to get it right.


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