Five Easy Steps To Be The Best At Digital

Posted on Monday, May 22nd, 2017

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The digital world is constantly evolving meaning your business strategy must change. From how you engage with customers and employees to how you run your operations efficiently and effectively will affect your growth. The following steps will help you be the best at digital:

Firstly, Define a strategy:

It should encapsulate the five elements: Digital customers, employees, insights, innovation and the Internet of Things.

Next, divide the elements into sections

  • Digital Customers
    Fact: 27% of customers use online comparison sites
    Extract optimum value from existing data, including a better understanding of your customers.


  • Digital Employees
    Fact: Generations X & Y will account for 50% of the workforce this year
    Optimise use of the workforce via flexible working strategies and other initiatives.


  • Digital Insights
    Fact: Accuracy customer data increases sales by 29%
    Management analytics and reporting to extract critical information and identify value gaps.


  • Innovation
    Fact: Digital technology can increase household spending by 22%
    A digital strategy specific to your organisation with strong future prospects.


  • Internet of Things
    Fact: 94% of businesses see a return on their IoT investment
    Supply chain optimisation and new business models to target the Internet of Things and increase profitability.