Follow This Plan To Be A PPC Expert

Posted on Friday, May 19th, 2017

  PPC ads are your golden ticket to appearing in front of people who are mobile, looking for information, and often are intending to make a purchase.

However, numerous businesses shy away from PPC ad campaigns due to both lack of understanding and time consumption. The task can be much less daunting if you split your PPC campaign bit by bit. Push Beyond have provided you with an easy time plan that any business can follow in order to correctly manage your ad campaign and generate awesome results.

Alternatively you can download our free infographic of this blog post here.

First you need to create an overall plan, making sure you cover all the following:

  • Outline: KPIs
  • Budgets: set spend and CP
  • Target: conversion and CPA
  • Define: your frequency of measurement

Next, implement a daily strategy to avoid inundating yourself with information:

  • Budgets: Check spend vs conversions
  • Movers: CTR and cost changes
  • Adjust Bids – top performers vs poor converters
  • Keywords: monitor or pause poor performers

In your weekly analysis, assess the following:

  • Keywords: negative keyword research
  • Mobile: bid adjustment vs desktop
  • Position: click performance top vs side
  • Rebalance: refine performance anomalies

A Bi-weekly update should be looking to:

  • Impressions: look for missed opportunities
  • Ad Groups: split out, narrow and refine
  • Adverts: create new ads, analyse and pause
  • Placements: remove poor performers

Your monthly overview should assess:

  • Analytics: look for and fix poor visitor metrics
  • Quality: address low quality score keywords
  • Site Links: analyse performance, add/remove
  • GDN: display vs search performance review

Finally, your ongoing quarterly strategy should be:

  • Landing page: refine copy, improve CRO
  • GeoTargets: location performance, adjust bids
  • Day Parting: day of the week, time of day
  • Review: historical performance reporting


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