Mobile App Design & Development

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The growing Mobile App Marketplace

Mobile App Development for handheld devices have rocketed in the past few years. Usage of mobile applications grew over 115% in 2013 from 2012 alone? (According to Forbes) You will of course be familiar with apps from using them yourself on your own smart phones, tablets and connected devices.

The engagement between people and their smart phones is increasing.  Whether there are a group of people waiting for a bus or sitting waiting before an appointment, the chances are that a large percentage of them are browsing the net on their phones and making use of ‘down time’. Wi-fi is being enabled in more places and this is enhancing connectivity and the potential to use the devices more and more.

As user interest increases and more traffic gets directed towards your application, there is a higher chance of increased sales for you. With handheld devices, the “Push notification” feature enables you to remind the user about a subject relating to your application (i.e. unfinished checkout journey), even when they are currently not interacting with their smart phone.  In addition to this, technology enables you to track where exactly your customers are navigating to on your application. You can therefore distinguish what’s most popular amongst the app, and what you can improve.

Designing and Developing Your Mobile App

We recognise that in the digital age, technology is in a state of constant evolution. We help businesses navigate this ever-changing landscape and plot a path to growth and success. Our mobile apps have delivered time and again for users and organisations alike.

Our user-centred approach to mobile app development means we develop smarter and friendlier ways for people to engage with technology. Putting your information, via the latest technology, into the right hands.

Before we begin our developing your bespoke Mobile App together, it’s important we truly understand your needs. Once this initial phase has been completed, we’ll complete a requirements analysis. The analysis will help really clarify the detailed functional requirements of your desired app. Then we’ll do the designing and development.