Why Your Business Needs An E-Commerce Website

Posted on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

The question is not why should my business have an E-commerce site, but why SHOULDN’T it. The industry for online shopping is rapidly expanding and in order to keep up with the digital world, you need to think about investing in e-commerce. If you’re not convinced, these facts and figures may make you change your mind.

Alternatively, you can download the free infographic here to share with your colleagues and friends.

  • 98% of people have bought something online
  • Users spend an average of £60 a month online shopping
  • The online retail market will grow to £123 billion by 2020
  • On average, females spend £10 more than males online shopping
  • 50% of users are put off making a purchase due to high shipping costs
  • 80% of people have purchased something online within the last month
  • Customers look for: Free delivery, Price guarantees and Clear payment options.

So, what can you implement from these statistics to make your E-commerce website increase sales? Firstly customers like to be able to see their basket visibly to see how many items they are purchasing.

Secondly, clearly outline the delivery terms and service (pricing and how long it takes) as this is a number one priority for customers when online shopping.

Another thing to do is to display stock levels. It not only avoids disappointment but also creates rush to action if people know something they want will be going out of stock soon.

To increase your credibility and the likeliness of customers purchasing from your website, your company contact information should be easily accessible (email, phone etc.)

Finally, your website should provide fast and SECURE payment which will once again increase the legitimacy of your online shop and generate loyalty to your brand.