7 Web Hosting Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

Posted on Thursday, May 11th, 2017

1. There are currently 966 million websites in the world today.

2. Only 44% of web traffic is from humans; a massive 56% of web traffic is from bots, impersonators, hacking tools, scrapers and spammers.

3. The average E-commerce website loading times are: Google Chrome 7.5 seconds, Internet Explorer 7.15 seconds and Firefox 7.12 seconds.


4. The most popular CMS is WordPress, powering 25.4% of all websites in the world and responsible for over 76.5 million blogs created since 2004.



5. Web Domains Ending In .Com Will Be even more Popular In 2017



6. The highest rate of internet penetration within a sovereign territory can be found in the island of Bermuda, where 97 percent of the population has reasonable access to the internet.



7. The top web hosts of 2017 are: Go Daddy (39 million), 1&1 (4.2 million) and Blue Host (2.9 million)