7 Vital Trends For 2017 Web Design

Posted on Friday, May 5th, 2017

1. Mobile Responsive
Your website MUST be mobile responsive. Start your website design with a mobile-first approach, working your way through tablets, laptops and then large desktops. The reason being is that people are more likely to view your website on the device most accessible at the time. Phones are now the primary device used to browse the internet, simply because people can just reach in their pocket and see what your company is all about.

2. Use Your Own Illustrations 
Bespoke illustrations are really great in tailoring your user experience and adding some oomph to your site. We can appreciate it may be difficult to implement these yourself, but it’s probably worth investing in a digital illustrator for 2017. 

3. Using Bold Typography
Typography that is consistent and bold is a simple yet effective way to fill blank space in your site, without actually having to go out and draw or take pictures. Using oversized lettering in the background looks clean and doesn’t overcrowd the page. Given the right circumstances, using lettering may look even better than a picture or video.

4. Using Your Own Photos
Stock photos can only do so much for your website. Using your own, high quality photos is a way to achieve the authenticity in your brand that people really love to see. Your homepage is your shop window, by using a captivating photo that matches your colour scheme really entices customers in.

5. Innovative scrolling and Parallax
We’re all for innovative scrolling and using the parallax effect, similar to Apple’s website. It is one of the most effortless way you can enhance your website and really packs a punch. People love an interactive website, and this brings you one step closer to a great customer journey. 

6. Animations
Animations are taking the website world by storm. If you feel like your website already encompasses the key trends above, then maybe it’s time to invest in an animator. Animations engage customers and tell a story, seriously reducing your bounce rate.

7. Video Trumps Them All
Video is the next biggest thing. By 2018, 79% of consumer traffic will be video. An effective way to implement it on your site it to fill you entire webpage background with a looped video. A great example of this is Gucci’s website, with the added bonus of the video being 360!

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